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Dualtron X II (Dualtron X 2) is the improved 2020 version of the legendary Dualtron X. The X II is the most extreme electric scooter currently built and the de facto flagship of Dualtron. With its two massive BLDHC motors that delivers an extreme 8300 watt and a huge 72V 42 AH battery the X II will destroy any hill and deliver a massive range of up to 150 km.

Mother nature’s bumps, cubbles and curbs are no match for the huge 13 inch (!) ultra wide tires with double hydraulic tubes (one for each wheel). The X II is also by far the most comfortable scooter ever built by Dualtron.

Extreme performance, extreme comfort and extreme reliability is the signature of the X and it effectively challenges the view on how big and powerful an electric scooter can be. This is definitely not your grandma’s day to day scooter!


Model Dualtron X II (LG 3500, 72V, 42 AH)
Motor MAX 8,300 watt BLDC DUAL HUB MOTOR
Battery 72 volt  –42 Ah – 3,024Wh –LG 3500 celler
Charge Time 24 hours with standard charger, 12 hours with 2 standard chargers, 8 hours with the quick charger
Max Range (range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions) Up to 150 km
Speed Up to 100 km/h
Climbing Grade(depending on rider weight, temperature, driving behaviour and state of charge) 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Tires 13 inch ultra wide tubeless tires (13×5)
Brakes Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks. Front and Rear Brakes + Electric Brakes
Suspension System 19-step front & rear hydraulic adjustable suspension for bike tuning
Max Load 150 kg
Weight 66 kg
Size (length, width, height) 1305 x 632 x 1240 mm
Folded size (length, width, height) 1305 x 350 x 780 mm
Product Material Frame and Handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, the shaft is SCM440 steel, and Polypropylene covers


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